Digital Do It Yourself Resolution Pack for Shared Owners of Property Under 2 Years Old




Do it yourself – Digital downloadable pack for Shared Owners of property under 2 years old


By purchasing our downloadable pack, you can approach the Housing Association you purchased your share from in a positive and proactive way, engaging with them and ensuring your issues are addressed.  Included in the pack are;


  • Tutorials which assist the user with communication strategies and signposting to other useful areas of research,
  • Templates to use ensuring your emails or letters are professional and targeted,
  • Tools to log important information using the Status log and monitor progress using the Tracker by using the Traffic Light System enables you to see the results gained,
  • Create an audit trail in the event you need to approach your Warranty provider ensuring your claim is seen as objective.


Using this pack is a great start in your resolution journey and allows the consumer the opportunity getting a return on the issues being addressed with an affordable value to money saved ratio.


Uniquely linked with our free online resources and ongoing advice available via our You tube channel and of course an opportunity of booking further consultations the NBRA are always on hand to guide you through the process and gain results.

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