Report following Shared Ownership Survey undertaken by NBRA

The Shared Ownership market is accessible to those who want to gain a foothold on the property ladder but don’t have the savings or income to secure a mortgage required for outright ownership. Housing Associations will purchase property from a Developer under a Section 106 scheme or Land Led Development where organizations then market a […]

Report of Research Conducted by New Build Rights Alliance (NBRA) Ltd

Report of Research Conducted by New Build Rights Alliance (NBRA) Ltd Whilst being aware of the current trend in the reporting and media coverage of major cases where new build home owners feel aggrieved at the issues they have had to overcome the NBRA felt it was important to conduct our own survey and view […]

The Inside Story – An Interview with James Webster of Fortress Mortgages.

Question one – Given the recent lockdown circumstances have people stopped applying for mortgages? During the lockdown the mortgage market stayed open however the biggest challenge for lenders was physical valuations and they had to adapt very quickly. They did and most lenders were able to use desktop or index valuations and that kept the […]

Buying A New Build Property Off Plan

new house inspection

With the number of new build developments under construction at present I am sure you are aware of the fact that the show homes and Site Sales offices are generally completed first encouraging interested parties to take advantage of ‘Early Bird’ schemes along with the ‘Help to Buy’ government scheme.  Whilst the development is under […]

What Is The Cause Of Poor Drainage In New Build Properties?

drainage in new build homes

  It’s a strange one however personally I am fascinated with Drainage.  It is essential part of our properties which we do not see but expect to work in harmony with our lifestyles. Whenever I receive a report of poor drainage in a new build property I always get very excited to find out what […]

The Role Of A Clerk Of Works On A New Build Development

clerk of works

  Building properties is a journey from the purchase of the land to the seeking of permission to build the desired properties to the starting of works on site and the separate trades attending site and following a plan of works linked to the phase roll out of the development.  Experienced developers have a raft […]

Risk From Flooding?

new build flood risk

Having read a report published in ‘Inside Housing Asset Management’ on the 26th February 2020, where it was debating the issue regarding developers building on land at risk of flooding and the environment agency stating that new homes should be built on flood plains only where there is no real alternative the NBRA team had […]