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At the NBRA, we work to make sure all snagging and other problems are rapidly resolved by your developer before your warranty runs out.



Supporting You In Resolution

New Build Rights Alliance are an independent new build home complaints resolution service who help protect the rights of consumers who have purchased a new build property.

Our aim is to provide resources for owners and shared owners to engage with the Developers of their property within the liability period to achieve the objective of the agreed snagging and defect works being undertaken at no charge to the consumer by using proven methods and positive communication.

By using the resources available all owners can effectively communicate with the developer to resolve their issues

If you or anyone you know is starting to experience any issues potentially poor workmanship including any cracks appearing, walls showing dents, kitchen unit doors delaminating, windows misting or anything else we urge you to get in contact to arrange a 60 minute 1:1 Consultation with one of the team enabling us to review your case and refer you to one of our services, as soon as possible after you have moved in, to ensure you get the new home you are entitled to.


Get in touch with us and you'll get

Get in touch with us and you'll get

EXCELLENT Customer Care

No home is the same, you will receive personalised and one-to-one service at all times.


Get help by attending online webinars and 1:1 consultations advertised on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

NBRA Services

You find one problem and that escalates into another problem - it's like opening a can of worms.

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Service Packages Include:

60 Minute Zoom Consultation 
Online Snagging list Service For Private Owners For Properties Under 2 Years Old
✅ Online Snagging list Service For Shared Owners For Properties Under 2 Years Old
✅ Resolution Negotiation Packages For Private Owners And Shared Owners


Foul Drainage

Local drainage teams can charge up to £100.00 for the first hour then £120.00 thereafter. NBRA can assist you in identifying issues via the 1:1 Consultation booking and advise you of how best to proceed in engaging with the developer to get a drainage team out within the liability period.

Sound Transmission

Sound transmission issues are also a frequently reported problem due to revised construction processes. Initially we recommend that the Online pack is used to log the Defect and latterly we can support you in raising a warranty claim for the warranty provider to engage and advise the developer what works are to be undertaken if they consider the installation is out of the tolerances that are set. Simple fixes such as carpet instead of laminate flooring can greatly affect this transmission of sound too.

False Chimneys and Porches Above Doors

As with roofs False Chimneys and porches can also present issues however areas of installation are covered and time after time the developer advises consumers that it is not covered, but if water ingress is occurring due to poor installation the consumer has rights.

Garden Turf & Flooding Issues

Replacement turf can be expensive and may not resolve the issues due to poor quality ground and earth underneath. The developer takes little care about the soil quality and is only liable in resolving flooding within a 3-meter area from the property.

Window Defects

The installed windows should be covered by a Fensa Warranty found in the New Homeowners pack however where it isn’t found we encourage owners to ask the developer customer service team for confirmation of the installing trade team to ensure works are logged correctly and addressed.

Plumbing Issues

Water causes a lot of damage whether it is in a kitchen unseen leak from pipes behind the units, un-grouted tiling in a bathroom creating staining on the ceiling below or a roof leak.  We are keen to support you via the 1:1 Consultation service in identifying the issues and engaging with the developer to resolve within the first two years of the liability period.

Damp and Mould

This is to be expected due to the property having to dry out after the construction process however by heating and ventilating the property correctly the issue can be resolved and further shrinkage damage can be minimised.  We are keen to save the consumer multiple redecoration costs and helping those consumers with a pre-diagnosed lung complaint such as COPD or Asthma.

Exterior Door Defects

The Front and Rear external door sets may have been purchased from a large provider and as such will have a warranty attached.  We are able to direct you to your New Homeowners pack however and as with the Windows where it isn’t found we encourage owners to ask the developer customer service team for confirmation of the installing trade team to ensure works are logged correctly and addressed

Carpentry Issues

No one wants a pinch point on the hand rail, this is a H&S issue or un-sanded woodwork painted over leaving a rough finish. Using our Online resources developers can be challenged about quality workmanship, in some cases ensuring the contractor return and make good.

Internal Walls

Shrinkage cracks are to be expected due to property drying out but with the same advice linked to how the property has to ‘settle’ no cost needs to be incurred where small hairline cracks and nail pops are evident or plastering tapes have failed. This is where the unique Defects Tracking document within our Online packs helps consumers track all issues identified.

Roof Issues

Your roof is covered for a period of a minimum of ten years as it is classed as a structural element of the property.  Time after time the developer advises consumers that it is not covered, but if consumers know their rights this point can be challenged.

General Poor Workmanship

By addressing these types of issues of Snagging and Defects the NBRA can help you save hundreds of pounds. Don’t take our word for it check out our reviews on our google page

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